2012 EVP's & Audibles

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) sounds are speech or speech-like sounds believed by EVP researchers to be of paranormal origin. They are detected on electronic recording media and while the sounds are not present at the time of the recording they are detected upon playback.They are typically brief, usually the length of a word or short phrase, and are sometimes direct responses to questions. EVPs have been observed in diverse media, including but not limited to short-wave radio, ham radio, television, tape recorders, digital audio recorders, and video recorders.  They are typically recorded using digital audio recorders or audio recording computer software. What you are about to hear are EVPs that were caught during some of our investigations.  We have processed all of these EVPs so that you can better hear what we believe is an EVP. No EVP has ever been faked by GUARD!

Monmouth Farm 12G001

We returned to Monmouth but this time to the new house that was built on the same ground that the old farm house once stood. The owner called us back to see if there was anything hunting their new home. The owner believed that the ghost of a child hunted the grounds. One of the investigators asked how old the ghost was. You will hear it a normal speed but you will hear something after the question was asked.


Now you will hear the same track but at a slower speed. You will hear a gurff voice sounding like it is saying 10. regspeed.wav

EVP 1 slowed down.

You will hear what sounds like a kid ask OK


You will hear a unknown sigh 


You will hear a males voice say I'm here

 here 2.wav


You will hear a sigh will the investigators were in another room, no one was in the room that the recoder was in when this was taped.



You will hear some of the investigator's talking but in the back ground you will also hear a whistling sound. The investigator's did not hear the whistling sound and they don't respond to it. 

EVP 6 

This EVP was caught later in the night of a whistling sound or music in the back ground.

EVP 7  

You will hear what we believe is a baby wimpiering, it is short but it backed the home owner claim she heard a child crying.


It sounded like a unknown female saying take me home? me home.wav


Home Piekin Illinois case 12G002 


Sounded like someone saying "Help Me". There was no one in the room the time it was caught. Me.wav


It sounded like someone said something like HA but I wasn't able to clean it up any better. It was not heard by anyone at that time our by the person taking in the room when it was recorded word like HA.wav


This answer came after one of the investigators keep asking the same questions over a number of time's. It sounded like the reply was " Repeat". normal speed.wav

This is the same one but slowed down and cleaned up to better hear it.

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